One day 

My morning went something like this~up at 6.30am and did my exercises, everyone’s reasonably happy. Made lunches all good.

However the moment my daughter realises she can’t find the socks she simply must have we all then know about it! 

I decide to ignore the moaning and go and get ready~I have a close call with some spray on moisturiser,thankfully I realised just at the last moment it was moisturiser and not hairspray,in my defence the bottles are the same colour! I’m very thankful I didn’t end up with that in my hair thank goodness, that would just add to my morning~I’ve left home having had no breakfast and no coffee oh dear! 

One day she will look back and think actually my mum wasn’t so bad but until that day I know there will be lots more door slamming, eye rolling and raised voices and that’s just from me!!!❤️x

Happy #humpday

P.S~ As I typed hump day my phone changed it to ‘hunk’ therefore I say may your day be full of hunks too he he 


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