Faster and Faster 

Sometimes life feels like it’s going at 100mph speeding past and going so quick.

Sometimes things that go at that speed can be fun and exciting, maybe even unexpected. 

Equally it can be nice to slow down and chill out too.

It’s no secret I’m not exactly organised and am generally rushing around like a headless chicken, tonight however I find myself in the unusual position of being sat down having done all the things for the morning already~I have to say I’m quite pleased with myself! 

Having had a bad head all day I finally succumbed to having a rest after the school run.

I love that term’ school run’ I never run although maybe after a stressful morning in this crazy household I feel the urge to drop the kids off and run home to get some peace he he.

So as I sit here it’s lovely and quiet, I’m thinking I need to have a spring clean and a de~clutter quite literally.

I need to get rid of some things in the house that we no longer want or need, but I also need to de~clutter my mind. It’s full of thoughts and worries that probably don’t need to be there. I feel that de~cluttering the house will prob be easier but we shall see.

I’m as bad at hanging on to objects/stuff as I am thoughts so it should be an interesting process, but I truly believe it will help. I wonder if there’s a skip big enough for the all this spring cleaning?!

On a happier note I caught up with my very fab friend today~as soon as I walked in to her house we were in fits of giggles and did the usual catching up with what’s what and putting the world to rights.

We’ve made plans for an alcohol fuelled eve and I can’t wait although I’m sure I’ll regret the hangover that’s bound to follow!

Still it’s Friday tomorrow so that’s definitely something to smile about.❤️x


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