You can hide….

It’s a well know fact that the moment you start doing something the kids(no matter what age it would seem) will always need something or just want to be where you are. 

As you know I’ve started doing my morning workouts and I generally do this in the kitchen~simply because it’s the coolest place because of the floor tiles, I have considered doing it in the garden but decided my neighbours probably wouldn’t appreciate my beautiful singing or uncoordinated movements so early in the morning

Although I’m sure the sight of me prancing around must be quite amusing. 

My daughter was in the lounge copying my moves and laughing whilst looking at herself in the mirror today~well I can at least try and set the kids a good example as long as no one tells them that I ate three French fancies ( that I brought for them) after they’d gone to bed last night,as if cherry bakewells weren’t bad enough.

I should stop buying these things for them really~they don’t eat them I do and let’s face it sometimes they’re not even aware that such goodies were ever in the house ha ha.

Going back to trying to do anything without an audience~they both decided they must have breakfast uncharacteristically early therefore needing to get in the kitchen, then as soon as I step into the bathroom we all simply must brush our teeth at the same time apparently! I know I’ll miss these little things when they’re older and I can finally have a wee in peace but sometimes it would be nice to have 5 mins without any interruption.

Despite aching all over after said workout I’ve got a big smile on my face and am feeling happy.

It’s not just Friday it’s chocolate Friday~oops more naughty treats, still who doesn’t love chocolate?! That and coffee are two of my favourite things after all.

On that note I wish you all a happy smiley Friday. ❤️x


4 thoughts on “You can hide….

  1. Ha ha don’t worry it won’t be long until those days swing the other way and you’re the one trying to spend time with them! My kids have reached that age where they are either out with friends or are happy to chill in their rooms, they only tend to appear when they need food/money or a lift somewhere! 😂

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