Summer nights 

Last night was a fab unplanned eve, popped round to see a good friend and left a few hours later~having drunk too much prosecco, it would also appear that filming ourselves singing and dancing had been a good idea at the time( I now think not!).

It’s fair to say I was feeling a little delicate when I woke up, however an early morning shopping trip and I mean early 9am in fact,actually helped clear my head thankfully.

After getting the food, I popped home and did some washing etc and then was off out again to meet my big brother for a coffee. It’s always great to see him and we had a good chat, I can always rely on him for good advice and a giggle~there was definitely plenty of that especially when we were talking about dating and he said ‘you’ll just have to suck it and see’ no pun intended!!!! That certainly made me laugh out loud, I’m sure the rest of costa wondered what was so amusing too.

I went straight from there and managed to be on time collecting my very good friend for a little shopping trip. Being on time was an achievement for me I must say!

Again we had a good catch up and a wander around the shops which was lovely.

I’m now sitting in the garden and it’s so peaceful, writing my blog and some other bits and pieces.

These summer evenings are so beautiful.❤️x


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