lets do this thing

Well I think this sunshine and warm weather is having a funny affect on me!
Over the the last few weeks I’ve been doing my usual~thinking and then overthinking things.

Today I’ve decided that all this does is waste my precious time. Time I could be spending chilling out and being happier.

There will always be things I don’t understand and can’t change.

I do believe that life is too short and in my life I’ve realised that you never know what’s around the corner good or bad.

I realise that sometimes I spend too much time worrying about when to do things when sometimes there is no right time. Life certainly doesn’t come with a rule book and I’ve said it before but now I’m a parent and a single one at that my priorities in life are so different as I have two amazing small people to consider too.

I sit and watch as my children grow and I’m amazed at the years that are passing by, and in those years I’m growing too, getting older as well.

I keep saying I should be grabbing life with both hands because as the saying goes in life we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

So watch this space and let’s see if I can start as I mean to go on, I really hope so.

Wishing you all a happy sunny Monday.❤️x


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