After spending over an hour pumping up the beast of a paddling pool, then a further hour and a half filling it,It decided to start deflating itself and consequently flooding my patio thus meaning I couldn’t add any more air to it via my electric pump.

All I could do was stand back and watch as our garden became one large puddle.

 Having resigned myself to the fact their was nothing I could do for now I decided to just go and have a shower, it’s then I realise I’m joined by a water balloon which had been left in the bath by the kids,whatever next! 

I had already burnt the potato wedges because I had put them in the top oven but turned on the grill and whilst talking to my Dad on the phone I wondered what the smell was, the result equalled nicely over cooked~yum! It really was turning into one of those Mondays.

This morning I snoozed my alarm for an hour then finally managed to get out of bed and do some exercises~it was so hot I contemplated getting in the paddling pool to do them and call it aqua aerobics!

I then washed and straightened my hair before swiftly deciding it was too hot to wear it down and so put it up into a pony tail~therefore wasting 20mins of my already rushed morning.

Still it’s bright and sunny again so I’m smiling not complaining.❤️x


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