Do you remember? 

Last night we had a beautiful unplanned stop at the beach one of those eves when you just think stuff routine.

Who cares if I should be at homegetting the kids ready for bed etc.

It’s so lovely here, breezy and coolI watch my girl dancing in the sea laughing jumping over the waves and sea weed like she hasn’t got a care in the world~just how it should be.

My boy is running along throwing stones and climbing~running back from the waves as he hasn’t taken his shoes off and doesn’t want to get wet!

It’s so peaceful and calm despite the fact it’s reasonably busy~it was so nice seeing people out together, listening to music and swimming in the sea.

 After we had all showered there was sand left in the bath~this made me smile~how lucky are we to live so near the beach.

Something else that made me smile today was a memory.

My mind was taken back to 3years ago in our old home we had been getting ready to move and my Mum was looking for some brown sugar, I said I didn’t think we had any and thought no more of it. A few minutes later as I was making tea and coffee she said ‘it’s ok I’ve found some, oh ok that’s good then.’

I then opened the cupboard and there staring me in the face was a bag of cous~cous.

I turn to look at Mum laughing so hard, ‘I said this isn’t what you’ve just used on your cereal is it’?? And would you believe it~yes it was!!! 

Poor Mum won’t forget that in a hurry~it’s becoming quite clear who I take after he he.

It just goes to show how little things can evoke memories in an instant. I’m glad to be making some fab memories with my favourite people in my life.❤️x


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