Let me tell you something you already know~it’s hot~ very,very hot and something you don’t know~I’ve got a date tonight eek!

This can only mean one thing really~what am I going to wear? It’s so hot I could actually melt and I’ve got awful tan lines so am conscious of wearing a skirt, jeans don’t feel like an option though either marvellous!

This date is kind of different I guess as in it’s not a first date we have met before a little while ago (this was the one where I had lost my shoes before I even got there approx half an hour late!)

After said date we had thought we would just be friends and that was that. However after meeting up a few times for coffee, it seems that maybe we could become more than friends, so tonight we are going for dinner.

As you may well remember dinner dates have never been a favourite of mine but as it’s not a first meeting it should be fine!

Getting back to the all important dynamics of getting ready.

As usual I’m not particularly organised and I’ve just spent the last half an hour crawling around the garden trying to locate where the leak in the paddling pool is coming from~this has proved to be fairly unsuccessful and I’m now hotter than ever.

I’ve got my hair and nails to do and sort out my outfit too.

Firstly I will obviously need a cold shower and then I’m sure the stress will begin. I’ve got plenty of time as the kids have gone off to their Dads early today. This however doesn’t mean a thing, I could have all day to get sorted and still be late!!

I’ll leave it there and go and try and organise myself, wish me luck everyone! ❤️x


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