Laughter is the best medicine 

It’s safe to say I’m feeling happy today~having had a lovely evening last night. I actually don’t think I’ve laughed so much in ages.
I am looking forward to doing it again~yes that’s right there will be another date.(watch this space!)

As was to be expected it took me ages to get ready ,I literally emptied the contents of my wardrobe to find what I thought I might wear,only to find it neatly hanging up,who would of thought it?! I then had to have a last minute WhatsApp decision chat with my fab friend to make sure it was ok.

After spending too long in the bath, trying to cool down and getting side tracked finishing the book I was reading, I managed to get an eye full of shampoo and time was fast running away from me.

Although I hadn’t given an exact time of when I would be ready so does that technically mean I wasn’t late?? 

Maybe that’s the way forward~not giving an actual time to be anywhere,I mean let’s face it no one ever expects me to be on time anyway. Hmm I might just give that a try from now on.

On that note something I really mustn’t be late for is the school run.

Catch up with you all soon.❤️x


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