Wow what an amazingly busy weekend it’s been I can’t actually believe it’s Sunday night already~where did that come from.
Talk about time flying when your having fun, it’s absolutely whizzed by in what seems like the blink of an eye. Saying that it’s been great so I shouldn’t really complain.

Today we went fruit picking~always a favourite with the kids, after stating that I would be ready by 12pm I was determined to do so, of course best laid plans and all that despite leaving just about enough time to get there the traffic caught me out and I was late despite my best efforts! 

Still ten minutes late is basically nothing when you consider my usual arrival times he he.

After a nice picnic we went in search of various fruits and veg.

My daughter stung her finger just as I stung my foot but other than that all was good.

First up was strawberries, then raspberries and sugar snap peas.

The kids loved running around searching for ripe things to pick and of course sample!

We struggled to find any blackberries but the walk around was nice and chilled, obviously we had to have a ride on the tractor before heading off.

The afternoon was finished nicely by the kids playing in the hot tub and the garden. 

After several more pleadings of just five more minutes etc we came home to relax and get ready for the dreaded thing that is Monday morning. Every Sunday I promise myself I’ll get everything done in the morning and every Sunday that never happens, one day maybe!

Still we’ve had lots of family time making more fab memories which is what it’s all about and is guaranteed to put a smile on my face.❤️x


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