Too early 

Monday morning has made its inevitable appearance and we all overslept.

When I say overslept what I mean is I was awake and kept snoozing my alarm not really taking much notice of the time. The kids were still actually asleep and before we knew it, it was 7.30am.

Mornings are never great for me and I just don’t have the energy for the argument that my pre~teen would like to have for no reason what so ever other than the fact that it’s what she likes to do in the mornings!

I need coffee and lots of it, it would appear that winning the lottery would also be helpful but that’s about as likely as me ever getting my life organised so I might as well forget that idea.

My car is telling me as usual that it’s in need of petrol yet again, obviously I ignore that and test its promise of having 48 miles left to empty and hope for the best.

Both kids dropped off at school, I’m wondering why I forgot to get anything out of the freezer for dinner,if I turned my hair straighteners off and even if I locked the front door for that matter.

Oh Monday morning you never get any easier~I’m off to locate as much coffee as possible! Have a good one.❤️x


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