First and last

As I’m sitting here listening to the rain waiting for my favourite programme to start~(you know what it is the one and only First Dates) it made me think about some of the first dates I’ve had.

To be honest I’ve had a few in my time and some have been better than others. Some have been great and some have been quite frankly not so great.

Therefore I thought I would share a little round up of first dates.

I’m always nervous when it comes to a first date I just can’t help it and it’s something that’s never got any easier for me.

My nerves can show themselves in different ways where I can be very quiet or just talk a load of non stop rubbish!

Those that know me well would probably confirm that’s it’s not unusual for me to talk rubbish at the best of times anyway.

So here we have some classic things that have happened during this journey of mine.

Turning up late~sadly time keeping just isn’t my forte but being half an hour late really wasn’t my greatest achievement.

Arriving for a date and not being able to string a sentence together,literally giving one word answers whilst finding myself twiddling my bracelet the whole time and wracking my brain for something to say!

Tripping through the pub door, right in front of my date.

Arriving totally flustered and giving my date a whole run down of events without even pausing for breath. This included me having to explain that the reason I smelt of petrol was because I had spilled some on myself whilst rushing trying not to be late.

Having to explain right at the last minute that I really wasn’t comfortable going out for dinner because I hate eating on a first date~crazy I know but so true.

Breaking off a false nail just as I was about to leave the house, so rushed back in to grab the nail glue which I couldn’t open and resorted to using my teeth~leaving me with a lump of glue in my mouth(something I definitely wouldn’t recommend).

Dashing out of the house in what I thought were suitable shoes to find that as soon as I stepped out of the car~said shoes were broken so therefore had to hobble a fair way from the car park to the pub.

In amongst these times I’ve had some good dates~and even managed to arrive on time and hold a conversation. There has been laughter and frowns along the way maybe even a few tears, but let’s face it these things make up life as we go along.

Getting back to watching first dates I love it when people are well matched and go on to date and maybe have a relationship. 

It’s so exciting to think that at any point you could be going on your last first date. 

So with that in mind, if your single and looking for that crazy little thing called love, if the opportunity presents itself, don’t let it get away. Grab it with both hands and see where it takes you. ❤️x


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