Let me tell you something you already know~it’s hot~ very,very hot and something you don’t know~I’ve got a date tonight eek!

This can only mean one thing really~what am I going to wear? It’s so hot I could actually melt and I’ve got awful tan lines so am conscious of wearing a skirt, jeans don’t feel like an option though either marvellous!

This date is kind of different I guess as in it’s not a first date we have met before a little while ago (this was the one where I had lost my shoes before I even got there approx half an hour late!)

After said date we had thought we would just be friends and that was that. However after meeting up a few times for coffee, it seems that maybe we could become more than friends, so tonight we are going for dinner.

As you may well remember dinner dates have never been a favourite of mine but as it’s not a first meeting it should be fine!

Getting back to the all important dynamics of getting ready.

As usual I’m not particularly organised and I’ve just spent the last half an hour crawling around the garden trying to locate where the leak in the paddling pool is coming from~this has proved to be fairly unsuccessful and I’m now hotter than ever.

I’ve got my hair and nails to do and sort out my outfit too.

Firstly I will obviously need a cold shower and then I’m sure the stress will begin. I’ve got plenty of time as the kids have gone off to their Dads early today. This however doesn’t mean a thing, I could have all day to get sorted and still be late!!

I’ll leave it there and go and try and organise myself, wish me luck everyone! ❤️x


Do you remember? 

Last night we had a beautiful unplanned stop at the beach one of those eves when you just think stuff routine.

Who cares if I should be at homegetting the kids ready for bed etc.

It’s so lovely here, breezy and coolI watch my girl dancing in the sea laughing jumping over the waves and sea weed like she hasn’t got a care in the world~just how it should be.

My boy is running along throwing stones and climbing~running back from the waves as he hasn’t taken his shoes off and doesn’t want to get wet!

It’s so peaceful and calm despite the fact it’s reasonably busy~it was so nice seeing people out together, listening to music and swimming in the sea.

 After we had all showered there was sand left in the bath~this made me smile~how lucky are we to live so near the beach.

Something else that made me smile today was a memory.

My mind was taken back to 3years ago in our old home we had been getting ready to move and my Mum was looking for some brown sugar, I said I didn’t think we had any and thought no more of it. A few minutes later as I was making tea and coffee she said ‘it’s ok I’ve found some, oh ok that’s good then.’

I then opened the cupboard and there staring me in the face was a bag of cous~cous.

I turn to look at Mum laughing so hard, ‘I said this isn’t what you’ve just used on your cereal is it’?? And would you believe it~yes it was!!! 

Poor Mum won’t forget that in a hurry~it’s becoming quite clear who I take after he he.

It just goes to show how little things can evoke memories in an instant. I’m glad to be making some fab memories with my favourite people in my life.❤️x


After spending over an hour pumping up the beast of a paddling pool, then a further hour and a half filling it,It decided to start deflating itself and consequently flooding my patio thus meaning I couldn’t add any more air to it via my electric pump.

All I could do was stand back and watch as our garden became one large puddle.

 Having resigned myself to the fact their was nothing I could do for now I decided to just go and have a shower, it’s then I realise I’m joined by a water balloon which had been left in the bath by the kids,whatever next! 

I had already burnt the potato wedges because I had put them in the top oven but turned on the grill and whilst talking to my Dad on the phone I wondered what the smell was, the result equalled nicely over cooked~yum! It really was turning into one of those Mondays.

This morning I snoozed my alarm for an hour then finally managed to get out of bed and do some exercises~it was so hot I contemplated getting in the paddling pool to do them and call it aqua aerobics!

I then washed and straightened my hair before swiftly deciding it was too hot to wear it down and so put it up into a pony tail~therefore wasting 20mins of my already rushed morning.

Still it’s bright and sunny again so I’m smiling not complaining.❤️x

lets do this thing

Well I think this sunshine and warm weather is having a funny affect on me!
Over the the last few weeks I’ve been doing my usual~thinking and then overthinking things.

Today I’ve decided that all this does is waste my precious time. Time I could be spending chilling out and being happier.

There will always be things I don’t understand and can’t change.

I do believe that life is too short and in my life I’ve realised that you never know what’s around the corner good or bad.

I realise that sometimes I spend too much time worrying about when to do things when sometimes there is no right time. Life certainly doesn’t come with a rule book and I’ve said it before but now I’m a parent and a single one at that my priorities in life are so different as I have two amazing small people to consider too.

I sit and watch as my children grow and I’m amazed at the years that are passing by, and in those years I’m growing too, getting older as well.

I keep saying I should be grabbing life with both hands because as the saying goes in life we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

So watch this space and let’s see if I can start as I mean to go on, I really hope so.

Wishing you all a happy sunny Monday.❤️x

Dad x

Dad I don’t know where to begin, You’ve always made me smile and grin.

We’ve had good times and bad.You’ve wiped away my tears when I’ve been sad.

This I know is very true~you always know just what to do.

Always there at the end of the phone when I need advice or a lightbulb has blown!You cut the grass, and make the tea, you’ve always got time for me.

You love to have your grandchildren on your knee, they too love your company, playing draughts or digging holes it’s always fun when your involved.

As I grow older it’s so clear that that no matter my age I’ll always need you near.

So thank you Dad from the bottom of my heart~your one in a million and have been from the start.

Enjoy your day~we all love you so very much. Happy Fathers Day.❤️x

Summer nights 

Last night was a fab unplanned eve, popped round to see a good friend and left a few hours later~having drunk too much prosecco, it would also appear that filming ourselves singing and dancing had been a good idea at the time( I now think not!).

It’s fair to say I was feeling a little delicate when I woke up, however an early morning shopping trip and I mean early 9am in fact,actually helped clear my head thankfully.

After getting the food, I popped home and did some washing etc and then was off out again to meet my big brother for a coffee. It’s always great to see him and we had a good chat, I can always rely on him for good advice and a giggle~there was definitely plenty of that especially when we were talking about dating and he said ‘you’ll just have to suck it and see’ no pun intended!!!! That certainly made me laugh out loud, I’m sure the rest of costa wondered what was so amusing too.

I went straight from there and managed to be on time collecting my very good friend for a little shopping trip. Being on time was an achievement for me I must say!

Again we had a good catch up and a wander around the shops which was lovely.

I’m now sitting in the garden and it’s so peaceful, writing my blog and some other bits and pieces.

These summer evenings are so beautiful.❤️x

You can hide….

It’s a well know fact that the moment you start doing something the kids(no matter what age it would seem) will always need something or just want to be where you are. 

As you know I’ve started doing my morning workouts and I generally do this in the kitchen~simply because it’s the coolest place because of the floor tiles, I have considered doing it in the garden but decided my neighbours probably wouldn’t appreciate my beautiful singing or uncoordinated movements so early in the morning

Although I’m sure the sight of me prancing around must be quite amusing. 

My daughter was in the lounge copying my moves and laughing whilst looking at herself in the mirror today~well I can at least try and set the kids a good example as long as no one tells them that I ate three French fancies ( that I brought for them) after they’d gone to bed last night,as if cherry bakewells weren’t bad enough.

I should stop buying these things for them really~they don’t eat them I do and let’s face it sometimes they’re not even aware that such goodies were ever in the house ha ha.

Going back to trying to do anything without an audience~they both decided they must have breakfast uncharacteristically early therefore needing to get in the kitchen, then as soon as I step into the bathroom we all simply must brush our teeth at the same time apparently! I know I’ll miss these little things when they’re older and I can finally have a wee in peace but sometimes it would be nice to have 5 mins without any interruption.

Despite aching all over after said workout I’ve got a big smile on my face and am feeling happy.

It’s not just Friday it’s chocolate Friday~oops more naughty treats, still who doesn’t love chocolate?! That and coffee are two of my favourite things after all.

On that note I wish you all a happy smiley Friday. ❤️x

Faster and Faster 

Sometimes life feels like it’s going at 100mph speeding past and going so quick.

Sometimes things that go at that speed can be fun and exciting, maybe even unexpected. 

Equally it can be nice to slow down and chill out too.

It’s no secret I’m not exactly organised and am generally rushing around like a headless chicken, tonight however I find myself in the unusual position of being sat down having done all the things for the morning already~I have to say I’m quite pleased with myself! 

Having had a bad head all day I finally succumbed to having a rest after the school run.

I love that term’ school run’ I never run although maybe after a stressful morning in this crazy household I feel the urge to drop the kids off and run home to get some peace he he.

So as I sit here it’s lovely and quiet, I’m thinking I need to have a spring clean and a de~clutter quite literally.

I need to get rid of some things in the house that we no longer want or need, but I also need to de~clutter my mind. It’s full of thoughts and worries that probably don’t need to be there. I feel that de~cluttering the house will prob be easier but we shall see.

I’m as bad at hanging on to objects/stuff as I am thoughts so it should be an interesting process, but I truly believe it will help. I wonder if there’s a skip big enough for the all this spring cleaning?!

On a happier note I caught up with my very fab friend today~as soon as I walked in to her house we were in fits of giggles and did the usual catching up with what’s what and putting the world to rights.

We’ve made plans for an alcohol fuelled eve and I can’t wait although I’m sure I’ll regret the hangover that’s bound to follow!

Still it’s Friday tomorrow so that’s definitely something to smile about.❤️x

One day 

My morning went something like this~up at 6.30am and did my exercises, everyone’s reasonably happy. Made lunches all good.

However the moment my daughter realises she can’t find the socks she simply must have we all then know about it! 

I decide to ignore the moaning and go and get ready~I have a close call with some spray on moisturiser,thankfully I realised just at the last moment it was moisturiser and not hairspray,in my defence the bottles are the same colour! I’m very thankful I didn’t end up with that in my hair thank goodness, that would just add to my morning~I’ve left home having had no breakfast and no coffee oh dear! 

One day she will look back and think actually my mum wasn’t so bad but until that day I know there will be lots more door slamming, eye rolling and raised voices and that’s just from me!!!❤️x

Happy #humpday

P.S~ As I typed hump day my phone changed it to ‘hunk’ therefore I say may your day be full of hunks too he he 

Take the plunge 

Finally the day of our third and final maths exam has arrived~In fact the exam is now over and done with, it’s a big relief although I can’t help but think I’ve not done enough.

Still only time will tell as we won’t find out until Aug which seems like ages away.

I was surprisingly calm this morning~and even got up extra early to do my exercises, just as I was about to jump in the shower my daughter appeared wondering if I would make her a bacon sandwich, I said no as we had to leave early, then she suggested an egg one~same response from me.

She then suggests she will cook it herself~that’s fine she’s more than capable. However it went more like this~Mummy can I cook myself an egg, yes you can.

Ok I’ll do it but~can you check the oil,then can you crack the egg, and finally is it cooked enough? I may as well of done it myself! Especially as when I came downstairs the washing up was left on the side! 

Anyway we left on time and I dropped them off with friends and headed off to my exam.

Obviously we had to make a quick stop at Costa for a well needed vanilla latte. I was equally thrilled when I looked in my maths bag and found a pack of wispas how I had forgotten that they were in there I’ll never know! 

My nerves totally kicked in as soon as we pulled into the car park and I felt like I had a complete mind block as soon as I sat down.

Afterwards it was nice to chat to everyone and arrange to meet up again~it’s certainly been a hectic year but I’m glad I took the plunge and decided to do it, if nothing else it’s been nice to meet new people and make new friends along the way.

I like the idea of ‘taking the plunge’ so to speak ,so often I think about things and put obstacles in front of them that needn’t be there.

They do say life begins at 40 and as that is approaching so fast maybe it’ll be my year for taking the plunge in whatever challenge presents itself next. Watch this space.❤️x