Sunny days and memories 

Saturday was just determined to be one of those days after a lovely Friday evening, I found myself awake and trying to get organised at a reasonable time on Saturday morning.

Well that was never going to happen and when I thought I was nearly ready I did in fact have to change my outfit as the thought of getting out the iron was just too much like hard work.

Having left the house, I got into the car and out of habit put it into reverse~this wasn’t ideal as I had reversed onto the driveway, fortunately I wasn’t going fast or else that would of been an expensive collision between the car and my porch! 

So I’m driving around the corner and my handbag seems to have fallen onto the gear box, I can’t understand why I can’t move it back onto the passenger seat~well of course I had plugged the strap into my seatbelt.

I turn the music up and head off to Brighton for some birthday shopping for my girl, considering it’s not far away the journey there is always pretty rubbish, the car park was full on arrival, luckily I found a space which was tight to say the least and under normal circumstances I wouldn’t of even attempted getting in there, still I did and was just able to get the car door open far enough to squeeze my backside out!

The shops were busy and hot but for once I was reasonably organised and even had a list so it was just a case of dashing from shop to shop, the queues were horrendous but I did well and got everything and let’s face it probably more!

Saturday night was much more relaxing as we had a girls hot tub night~it was lovely, good friends and laughter. I could of stayed in it all night, well I pretty much did as I ended up being the last one out at 1am. I was feeling slightly wrinkly but it was all good.

Today I woke up pleased to see the sun but my mind had different ideas on how I should be feeling and decided to embark upon one of its missions to overthink everything.

Fortunately with good support as ever( something I know I’m truly blessed to have) the day turned out to be another lovely one, and a stroll along the seafront with fabulous company was certainly enough to put a smile back on my face. It’s been another lovely weekend and I’m counting my blessings as I write this. 

My mission is to focus on the positives, as I know I have many more positive things in my life than negatives and that makes me truly happy.

On that note I wish you all a very happy, sunny Sunday.❤️x


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