Monday, Monday 

As Mondays go it’s not been a bad one really.

We have cake in the house (coffee and walnut of course!) and have been looking at old videos on facebook. Oh my goodness there are some hilarious ones that I had forgotten about including some of the kids when they were small which was great to see.

It’s a great reminder of lots of lovely memories and good times.

It’s also a reminder that I probably should be kept away from technology when alcohol has been consumed to prevent me from making a fool of myself, although to be fair I’m just as bad when I’m sober!

After swimming lessons I spent some time helping my boy make a diy fidget spinner which was fun, he loved using the glue gun,I was slightly concerned about my carpet but all was fine and he was pleased with the finished product.

I’m enjoying being slightly more organised and having made lunches after dinner and then jumping in the bath, I’m ready to tackle wrapping my girls birthday presents. I can’t believe she’s nearly 13yrs and as I look at her presents it reflects how much she’s growing up. It takes me back to the days of wrapping dolly’s and prams. 

One year the night before her third birthday we had just finished putting together a wooden kitchen for her and before I could cover it~she strolled into the front room, looked around at us all and then went back to bed. We were all gobsmacked and if she had seen the kitchen she certainly didn’t say anything!! 

More happy memories and lots more to come.❤️x


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