When I hear that phrase ‘three little words’ it automatically makes me think of those words being ‘I love you’ now don’t get me wrong those words are beautiful in their own right.

However I believe there are other powerful words that we all want and maybe need to hear also sometimes.

For example my boy (youngest) is going to be talking on stage next week and he’s very nervous about it,which I for one fully understand.

My words to him ‘you can do it’. I know he can do it and I know he’ll feel good after he’s done it too.

Knowing that people believe in you and support you is a great feeling.

‘You’ve got this or even we’ve got this’ how great is that? a problem shared is a problem halved and that is also a wonderful feeling.

Don’t forget that love is all around us and actions speak louder than words~it’s as nice to feel love as it is to hear it.

So In case your having a wobbly day or you just need to hear three or four little words~take a deep breath and tell yourself ‘I can do this’ because do you know what? You can!

Happy Friday.❤️x


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