Ten happy things 

Thank you to www.burnishedchaos.com for tagging me in this post, I love writing these.

Ten things that make me happy.

1.Family and friends~they are all amazing and I love them all so much.

2.Coffee I literally cannot function without it~and that is no exaggeration it’s my favourite thing to drink!

3.Feeling loved~that’s definitely a wonderful feeling.

4.Seeing my children happy~that is literally the best feeling ever, I love watching them when they are unaware and see them enjoying the little things in life. Be it playing in the garden or splashing in the sea etc. 

5.Writing my blog~in this crazy life I love writing and sharing the highs and the lows.

6.Impromptu nights when you end up having a houseful~smiles all round and lots of fun.

7.Family time~always great to get together and see everyone.

8.Sunny days~the sun always makes the world seem a brighter place.

9.Not waking up with a hangover after a good night out~def a bonus in my eyes!

10.Music~when you hear your favourite songs and they make you want to sing and dance.


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