Wonderful weekend

You know it’s been a good weekend when your youngest cries because he’s sad everyone’s gone home and he’s had so much fun, and your feeling exactly the same! 

To say this weekends been busy is an understatement. We have had a beach picnic, been shopping and had a fantastic firepit night toasting marshmallows and staying up far too late. An impromptu sleepover and fun at the park. All this with wonderful friends and family~it’s really been a good one. In a nutshell my big girls 13th birthday has been well and truly celebrated.

One thing I’ve had complications with is driving~now when I say complications I mean the usual stuff~taking a couple of wrong turnings which took me in a massive circle, nothing really unusual there I guess. However when I had to drive a different car today it was quite hilarious. I’ve got so used to driving my automatic that it took me several attempts to get the car started, in gear and get the handbrake off, not to mention stalling it twice on a roundabout~much to the kids amusement and horror!! All I will say is at least everyday is an adventure! 

I should of been in bed hours ago and as usual I’m sure to regret that decision when Monday morning arrives far too quickly as ever.

I need to be up bright and early as it’s my boys leavers assembly~the last one before he’s off to high school, it’s safe to say that tissues will need to be packed and mascara is best avoided too as I know full well there will be tears!

On that note I’m taking myself to bed to try and get a few hours of sleep if that’s ever possible. Catch up with you all tomorrow.❤️x


One thought on “Wonderful weekend

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