Despite stating that I wouldn’t, I simply had to wear mascara this morning because quite frankly who wants to leave the house on a Monday morning after a rough night without it?!

Fortunately I managed to get through my boys assembly without smearing it all over my face.

That’s not to say that I didn’t well up and have tears in my eyes~we all know I was never going to be able to sit through it without getting emotional! 

It was lovely and he did very well as did all of the children there. I was very proud of him managing his lines aswell as singing and dancing infront of lots of people.

The rest of the day has been pretty normal~rushing around after school because my girl wanted to go to town. Home to get sorted and avoid the pile of paperwork that really needs doing.

Unfortunately I get so easily distracted and looking at holidays is way more appealing than doing anything else including cooking dinner but sadly these kids will insist on being fed!

Although it’s good multi~tasking practise, drinking cider and looking at possible holiday destinations whilst the dinner is in the oven. Hmm if I could just put those skills to good use and get the other things done maybe my life wouldn’t be so crazy~but really would I want it any other way?! ❤️x


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