As running late goes I’m pretty much an expert at it. This morning was no exception before I knew it, time had disappeared as usual and I was dashing out of the door with no breakfast or lunch. Fortunately the kids were fed and ready that’s about all I can manage in the mornings and to be fair they do that for themselves!
As I was driving to do the school run I had to giggle at the reasons why I’m late they are as follows~

1.This is probably an obvious one but I didn’t want to get out of bed, this could have something to do with staying up talking on the phone until 1am to a certain someone(not that I’m complaining) and when I finally fell into bed my boy was in there having wrapped himself up fully in my duvet!

2.Trying to find matching underwear~we all know I can’t leave the house without it~however I’m not sure the kids school would accept that as a reason to be late.Can you imagine ‘Sorry I’m late today my Mum couldn’t find the bra she was looking for’!!!!!

3.Attempting to tame my crazy bed hair~it was absolutely ridiculous this morn and getting it to be anywhere near straight was a mission in itself.

So basically that’s been my Tuesday morning in a nutshell~coffee is very much needed but that no different to any day. Have a good one.❤️x


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