Before I’m 40…

I had decided that before I was 40 there was a few things I wanted to do, one of them being lose some weight and get fitter,obviously I have had plenty of time to prepare for it but in true style I’ve left it until the last minute and now I’m on a mission to lose some weight before heading off to Dublin to celebrate/drown my sorrows.
I have therefore decided to embark on a five week challenge before we go. 

It’s starting tomorrow because that marks exactly 5 weeks until we go and not only that all good diets always start tomorrow!!

The plan is to eat sensibly and get back into doing some exercise, I shall be dusting off my Fitbit and my exercise bike whilst trying to find the energy to do so.

To encourage me to stick to it I’ll be sharing it with you, I sure it’s bound to be a giggle along the way. 

I’m off to buy some grapefruit~I’ll keep you posted!❤️x


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