25 things about me

IMG_2425I was very kindly tagged by~Amani Carson http://www.amanicarson.com in this post so here goes with 25 things about me.

1.What is your middle name? Ann.

2.What was your favourite subject at school? English without a doubt, I loved both language and literature equally and enjoy reading and writing very much now as an adult.

3.Whats your favourite drink? Coffee I actually couldn’t manage a day without it!!

4.Whats your favourite song at the moment? Dive by Ed Sheeran, beautiful words which such meaning.

5.Whats your favourite food? This is a tricky one but I think I would have to choose pasta.

6.Whats the last thing you brought? Petrol and some sausage rolls for the kids!!

7.Whats your favourite book of all time? This is super hard but at the moment I’m going to choose~P.S I love you, makes me cry when I read it but it’s a beautiful story.

8.Favourite colour? Red~it’s bright and cheerful.

9.Do you have any pets? No the kids would like rabbits but it’s a no at the moment.

10.Favourite perfume? Flash by Jimmy Choo, hands down my favourite by far.

11.Favourite Holiday? So far France, hopefully there’s even better to come though!

12.Are you married? No

13.Have you been out of the country, if so how many times? Yes approx 16 times.

14.Do you speak a foreign language? No but would like to learn Spanish.

15.How many siblings do you have? 3 brothers and 1 sister of which I am the youngest.

16.Favourite shop? Debenhams.

17.Favourite restaurant? Too hard to choose!

18.When did you last cry? Sunday I was tired and emotional after having such a lovely weekend.

19.Favourite Blog? Resting Mum face.

20.Favourite Movie? When a man loves a woman~I have watched this so many times but I love it.

21.Favourite tv shows? I don’t really watch an awful lot of tv but my favourite has to be First Dates of course!

22.PC or MAC? Mac.

23.What phone do you have? IPhone SE.

24.How tall are you? 5ft 5.

25.Can you cook? Yes I can, I enjoy it and don’t think I’m too bad at it.

So there you have it a few things about me.❤️x

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