So far my fitness challenge isn’t going very well~my get up and go has got up and done a runner~clearly it’s much more energetic than I am!

I’ve done zero exercise and certainly haven’t eaten well in fact I’m going to have curry tonight and then going out for dinner tomorrow night too~busy weekend coming up.

I’m hoping to make up for it though when I go and see Olly Murs on Sunday as no doubt I’ll be dancing for hours and busting some moves.

I’m so excited for that, it’ll be the second time I’ve seen him and I can’t wait.

Maybe the diet will have to be postponed until Monday~hmm we will see. I’ve got the motivation it’s the determination that I’m lacking.

Maybe after this busy weekend I’ll wake up refreshed and ready to start on Monday. Refreshed isn’t usually part of my vocabulary but let’s see!❤️x


One thought on “Friday 

  1. You say you’ve got the motivation but doesn’t look like you do luv! If you do, you wouldn’t be sat there giving excuses aha! I’m sorry if this comes across as harsh but it’s the truth! Determination only comes after motivation. Find/Buy a dress or an outfit you’d like to fit into after losing weight. Something sexy and hot. That could be a good motivating factor! Xx


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