So yesterday was a funny day really, after a really fun night on Friday playing the most hilarious games ever on the Nintendo switch including milking a cow~I kid you not!! I found myself with the unenviable task of organising and sorting out my wardrobe,this has been on the agenda for a long time and certainly long over due.

After literally emptying it all I found that the only way to get out of my room was to climb over everything, having managed to escape I wasn’t keen on putting it all away.

Fortunately a few bin bags later and a pile for the charity shop it was complete.

 I found a few blasts from the past some of which ended up rightly where they belong(in the bin) and some that made me feel a little sentimental things from when the kids were tiny etc. I love looking at those things but it does make you realise how quick time flies.

I was however thrilled to find two bottles of my favourite body lotion which put a smile on my face and I put to good use before I went out.

I met up with three friends and we went for a fantastic meal and a good gossip at

I would definitely recommend a visit there, staff are very friendly and helpful and the food was lovely as always.

After a lovely eve where we decided we must have a road trip and try out indoor skydiving before attempting the real thing, I literally fell into bed, lack of sleep certainly caught up with me, plus I wanted to be full of energy for seeing Olly Murs later wahoo~I can’t wait!!

Happy Sunday everyone I hope you have a lovely day whatever your plans are.❤️x


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