Dance with me tonight 

 Yesterday was spent mainly recovering from seeing Olly Murs!!

After lots of fun, dancing and screaming in his general direction I hate to admit it but I was shattered.

It’s safe to say we all had a good time and once my daughter had got over the embarrassment of me singing and dancing it was all good.

We were very lucky and had a fab view,the weather was lovely too. We had plenty of space to sit on the grass whilst waiting and some good music too.

Last night I attempted to watch the film ‘The girl on the train’ and fell asleep through the best bits oops! Might have to rewatch it to catch up, especially as my favourite programme has come to an end for now(first dates).

I’ve just seen that they are looking for people to take part in the next series. Now even if I was single there’s no way I could apply even if I wanted to~as we all know the thought of dinner on a first date isn’t my idea of fun. 

I do think however it would prove to be good viewing as I would be so nervous and no doubt entertaining in a cringe worthy way! 

On that note I must get myself ready. It’s nice to see the sun has made an appearance again this morning, let’s hope it stays for the summer.❤️x


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