Whose fault is it anyway?! 

As if mornings weren’t bad enough for me on a daily basis anyway add into the mix a very stroppy teenager and you can all relate to where this post is going!!          
When I say she could test the patience of a saint I am not exaggerating she takes not being a morning person to a whole new level! 

I am most definitely not great in the mornings but I tend to keep myself quiet and drink my coffee,she however insists on dragging me into every drama possible including a problem with her socks and being tired~both of these things are of course my fault and mine alone!!!

Having dropped her off at school, i then began to question if I had turned off the washing machine~cue a mad dash home, to find a large truck blocking my drive,that was all I needed.

Of course the washing machine was turned off as I could of predicted. I then got stuck at roadworks and made it into work by the skin of my teeth~all this before 9am!

This afternoon I have several things to do which include making sure the kids are where they need to be etc as well as paperwork and housework that I simply can’t ignore any longer.

I am literally counting down the hours until I can plonk my backside on the sofa and have a cheeky cider and a hug from a special someone.Therefore roll on 10pm is all I have left to say.

Here’s hoping your all having a more relaxed Tuesday.❤️x


2 thoughts on “Whose fault is it anyway?! 

  1. My son has just turned 13, not hit the stroppyness yet but he drives me insane trying to get him up and out the hous every morning! Hope the rest of the week is better for you.

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