Liebster Award ❤️

Happy Sunday everyone~here’s hoping your having a relaxing day.   I would like to say a big thank you to Hayley from for nominating me, please take the time to check out her fantastic blog.

I have 11 questions to answer which are as follows~

1.Are you part of a fandom? If so which one/s. No.

2.Does pineapple belong on pizza? Oh yes for sure, I think it tastes yummy.

3.Why do you blog? I have always loved writing and my very good friends suggested I should give blogging a try to share my funny dating stories. I decided to give it a go and here I am.

4.Where do you see yourself in ten years? Ooh that’s a tricky one, I’m not very good at organising my life any more than one day at a time, so I’ll settle for being happy and hope that everyone around me is happy and healthy.

5.Where is one place in the world you would like to travel to? I would love to visit Australia one day, and experience all it had to offer.

6.Who is your role model in life? Again a tricky one~I think I would say My Dad~he keeps the whole family together and has taught us all about the importance of love,family and friendships.

7.Who is your favourite author?  Lisa Jewel, I have read each and everyone of her books and always look forward to her up and coming novels.

8.If you could be a Ben and Jerrys flavour, what would you be and why? There could only be one answer~ Coffee,Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz. Coffee flavoured ice cream with espresso bean fudge chunks. Simply because I love coffee it’s my all time favourite and something I can’t go a day without.

9.What is your favourite fragrance?     Flash by Jimmy Choo.

10.High heels or sneakers? High heels every single time. I love to wear heels when I can.

11.What is your dream in life?           To be healthy, happy and loved. Wherever life takes me I hope I will be with my family and friends.

I nominate~
The rules of this post~

You must acknowledge the blogger who nominated you. Answer all 11 questions chosen by the nominating blogger. You should then nominate other fantastic bloggers, and give them 11 new questions to answer.

Have fun.❤️x


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