Sunshine and raindrops 

I can’t believe it’s Monday again, seriously you have to stop creeping up on me like this.

If time flies when your having fun then my life must be seriously fun right now, the days and weeks are disappearing quicker than any money in my bank account!

Not that I’m complaining~oh no not at all. This weekend we went shopping to get a few things for our upcoming holiday which we are all very excited about.

It was quite tiring with four kids in tow but we made it home relatively unscathed. The kids then all watched a film together and helped me paint nannys nails too, all in all a lovely day.

Unfortunately the weather had taken a turn for the worst and the rain was pretty heavy, not ideal for my night out with the girls that we had planned. We decided that we wouldn’t let a little rain stop us so we totally rocked the rain coats and wellies look and headed for the moreradioGarden Party to watch some fab bands play some great music.

We spent the evening laughing and dancing, at times with umbrellas too but hey we can all multi~task so it was still fun! 

I decided it would be fun to record and share our wonderful singing and dancing~I’m sure this was entertaining for everyone at home, it was such a good atmosphere you couldn’t help but join in.

Later on that evening, I was sleeping downstairs as my parents had kindly babysit for me. Once ready for bed I turned the lights off and couldn’t find my phone for a light, I decided that I could easily climb over the back of the sofa~yes that part was easy although I didn’t anticipate almost rolling off the other side despite being sober,that could of been a painful landing! Clearly I felt younger than I actually am after all that dancing.

Sunday was a nice chilled out day, which is unusual because I can’t usually sit still for very long. It was kind of an enforced quiet afternoon as I wasn’t feeling great, after a snooze on the sofa I decided I really should feed the kids. Having decided that beans on toast was the nearest  I was going to get to cooking, I was almost distraught to find we had run of bread. Luckily my knight in shining armour went and got some for me,little things really do mean a lot.

As for this morning~it was the usual Monday morning scenario although I’ve finished work for the summer the kids still have school for two days. So there was a daily argument with my girl before I had even opened my eyes, this was followed by dropping my boy off for the last time at Junior school, and consequently dropping the bottle of wine that I had brought for his headteacher on my foot and smashing it! 

I then went and was brave and had my eyebrows threaded for the very first time, I’m glad to say it didn’t hurt and I am very pleased with the result. I also brought some new shoes which prompted me to paint my nails and not get any house work done~still it’ll all be waiting for me tomorrow or the next day.

In no time at all it was time for my very last school run at the junior school. This is a journey I’ve been doing for 8yrs now and it seems like yesterday when I first visited the infant school next door when my daughter started. 

In those 8 years my two have changed so much and so have I.         I know there are good things to come for all us and there are exciting times ahead. I look forward to those times with a big smile on my face.❤️x


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