The holidays have landed

Day one of the summer holidays and someone had to be ill~might as well be me! A quick trip to the doctors to get some anti~biotics wasn’t exactly what I had in mind but at least we had a giggle when the pharmacist called out ‘did you say your name was Rosemary?’ No I didn’t it is in fact Natalie but maybe Rosemary’s got some better meds than me hehe.

Medication sorted we had a quick dash to town and then collected my girl from her lunch time finish.

We spent the afternoon celebrating a special girls birthday and crabbing~although sadly the crabs were some what lacking today. My boys ball managed to have a splash in the water not once but twice.

After one successful rescue, there was a patient wait whilst it bobbed itself across the water, I guess I should be thankful it was the ball and not him!

I came home to a fab present~a key finder fob, this has made my day, I’m constantly losing my keys. This does however mean I’ve lost one excuse for being late~no doubt I’ll replace that with a other one!

I’m now looking forward to a girls night in with my big girl~we’ve got control of the remote and popcorn and chocolate all ready to go. Happy Days.❤️x


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