Date Night 

Last night was date night.               Not only did we go out, we went out~out and stayed in a hotel!!

With four children between us getting time on our own isn’t always easy~big shout out to my parents for having mine for me.

To celebrate our freedom we went out for dinner and stayed up way past a reasonable bedtime hour~needless to say I’m rocking the sleep deprived look today.

I obviously packed enough stuff to last me a week somehow managing to forget shampoo though,but it was a good excuse to try out my new suitcase (always a bonus), the restaurant was so hot I began wondering if I was having a full on hot flush~I can’t tell you how relieved I was to discover that it wasn’t just me who was melting!! 

The food was really good as was the company.We were the last to leave the bar when it closed, it was a short walk back to the hotel where we sat up chatting and drinking coffee until the early hours.
The journey home has been eventful~I’m not joking when I say there was a complete lack of services and I have never been so happy to see McDonalds in my life~if I could of ran in to use their bathroom I would of done.

Now currently sat on the motorway en~route to collecting the kids,who if their texts are anything to go by are looking forward to us coming back. Knowing my daughter that’s so that she can make me feel guilty for having a night away without them! 
To sum it all up I’m tired but happy and smiling. What a fab way to start the summer holidays. There’s lots to look forward to including a holiday to Wales next week~all 6 of us. Good times❤️x


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