I’m just looking

I’ve said it before but it’s amazing how songs/music can take you right back.

I Just heard a song on the radio it took me back 17yrs to when I was 22yrs.

I think it’s easy to put things to the back of my mind and not think about them,maybe they aren’t relevant anymore or I think I don’t need to think about them anymore.

Actually though it’s nice to look back and remember good times, things may be different now but different doesn’t have to mean bad.

In the last 17 years life has changed of course it has it’s not meant to stay the same~time moves on and the world keeps turning.

Hearing that one song brought up a memory~a happy one, with family and friends. Lots of singing, dancing and drinking!!

Before that memory would of made me sad but today I can smile and say do you know what~that was a wonderful day and it’s a memory I’ll always have. 

The past is exactly that its made up of times gone by, good ones, bad ones and amazing ones.

Memories last a lifetime and I’m looking forward to making lots of new ones.❤️x


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