Clearly I am not particularly looking forward to turning 40yrs but it’s coming around very quick now and just as I start to get used to the idea a few things pop up to make it all the more real.

Firstly my boyfriend and yes I said the word boyfriend eek!! Is actually 5yrs younger than me which means he’ll still be in his thirties when I reach my forties.

When I buy alcohol I don’t get asked for ID anymore.

I have to tick a different age range box when I fill forms in.

I can definitely spot some grey hairs appearing.

The children’s teachers seem to be getting younger all of the time.

However I do of course realise that being 40 isn’t really old and I’ve been blessed with an amazing journey so far.

They do say life begins at 40 and if that’s the case then bring it on.❤️x


25 things about me

IMG_2425I was very kindly tagged by~Amani Carson http://www.amanicarson.com in this post so here goes with 25 things about me.

1.What is your middle name? Ann.

2.What was your favourite subject at school? English without a doubt, I loved both language and literature equally and enjoy reading and writing very much now as an adult.

3.Whats your favourite drink? Coffee I actually couldn’t manage a day without it!!

4.Whats your favourite song at the moment? Dive by Ed Sheeran, beautiful words which such meaning.

5.Whats your favourite food? This is a tricky one but I think I would have to choose pasta.

6.Whats the last thing you brought? Petrol and some sausage rolls for the kids!!

7.Whats your favourite book of all time? This is super hard but at the moment I’m going to choose~P.S I love you, makes me cry when I read it but it’s a beautiful story.

8.Favourite colour? Red~it’s bright and cheerful.

9.Do you have any pets? No the kids would like rabbits but it’s a no at the moment.

10.Favourite perfume? Flash by Jimmy Choo, hands down my favourite by far.

11.Favourite Holiday? So far France, hopefully there’s even better to come though!

12.Are you married? No

13.Have you been out of the country, if so how many times? Yes approx 16 times.

14.Do you speak a foreign language? No but would like to learn Spanish.

15.How many siblings do you have? 3 brothers and 1 sister of which I am the youngest.

16.Favourite shop? Debenhams.

17.Favourite restaurant? Too hard to choose!

18.When did you last cry? Sunday I was tired and emotional after having such a lovely weekend.

19.Favourite Blog? Resting Mum face.

20.Favourite Movie? When a man loves a woman~I have watched this so many times but I love it.

21.Favourite tv shows? I don’t really watch an awful lot of tv but my favourite has to be First Dates of course!

22.PC or MAC? Mac.

23.What phone do you have? IPhone SE.

24.How tall are you? 5ft 5.

25.Can you cook? Yes I can, I enjoy it and don’t think I’m too bad at it.

So there you have it a few things about me.❤️x

I would like to tag the following~


Before I’m 40…

I had decided that before I was 40 there was a few things I wanted to do, one of them being lose some weight and get fitter,obviously I have had plenty of time to prepare for it but in true style I’ve left it until the last minute and now I’m on a mission to lose some weight before heading off to Dublin to celebrate/drown my sorrows.
I have therefore decided to embark on a five week challenge before we go. 

It’s starting tomorrow because that marks exactly 5 weeks until we go and not only that all good diets always start tomorrow!!

The plan is to eat sensibly and get back into doing some exercise, I shall be dusting off my Fitbit and my exercise bike whilst trying to find the energy to do so.

To encourage me to stick to it I’ll be sharing it with you, I sure it’s bound to be a giggle along the way. 

I’m off to buy some grapefruit~I’ll keep you posted!❤️x


As running late goes I’m pretty much an expert at it. This morning was no exception before I knew it, time had disappeared as usual and I was dashing out of the door with no breakfast or lunch. Fortunately the kids were fed and ready that’s about all I can manage in the mornings and to be fair they do that for themselves!
As I was driving to do the school run I had to giggle at the reasons why I’m late they are as follows~

1.This is probably an obvious one but I didn’t want to get out of bed, this could have something to do with staying up talking on the phone until 1am to a certain someone(not that I’m complaining) and when I finally fell into bed my boy was in there having wrapped himself up fully in my duvet!

2.Trying to find matching underwear~we all know I can’t leave the house without it~however I’m not sure the kids school would accept that as a reason to be late.Can you imagine ‘Sorry I’m late today my Mum couldn’t find the bra she was looking for’!!!!!

3.Attempting to tame my crazy bed hair~it was absolutely ridiculous this morn and getting it to be anywhere near straight was a mission in itself.

So basically that’s been my Tuesday morning in a nutshell~coffee is very much needed but that no different to any day. Have a good one.❤️x


Despite stating that I wouldn’t, I simply had to wear mascara this morning because quite frankly who wants to leave the house on a Monday morning after a rough night without it?!

Fortunately I managed to get through my boys assembly without smearing it all over my face.

That’s not to say that I didn’t well up and have tears in my eyes~we all know I was never going to be able to sit through it without getting emotional! 

It was lovely and he did very well as did all of the children there. I was very proud of him managing his lines aswell as singing and dancing infront of lots of people.

The rest of the day has been pretty normal~rushing around after school because my girl wanted to go to town. Home to get sorted and avoid the pile of paperwork that really needs doing.

Unfortunately I get so easily distracted and looking at holidays is way more appealing than doing anything else including cooking dinner but sadly these kids will insist on being fed!

Although it’s good multi~tasking practise, drinking cider and looking at possible holiday destinations whilst the dinner is in the oven. Hmm if I could just put those skills to good use and get the other things done maybe my life wouldn’t be so crazy~but really would I want it any other way?! ❤️x

Wonderful weekend

You know it’s been a good weekend when your youngest cries because he’s sad everyone’s gone home and he’s had so much fun, and your feeling exactly the same! 

To say this weekends been busy is an understatement. We have had a beach picnic, been shopping and had a fantastic firepit night toasting marshmallows and staying up far too late. An impromptu sleepover and fun at the park. All this with wonderful friends and family~it’s really been a good one. In a nutshell my big girls 13th birthday has been well and truly celebrated.

One thing I’ve had complications with is driving~now when I say complications I mean the usual stuff~taking a couple of wrong turnings which took me in a massive circle, nothing really unusual there I guess. However when I had to drive a different car today it was quite hilarious. I’ve got so used to driving my automatic that it took me several attempts to get the car started, in gear and get the handbrake off, not to mention stalling it twice on a roundabout~much to the kids amusement and horror!! All I will say is at least everyday is an adventure! 

I should of been in bed hours ago and as usual I’m sure to regret that decision when Monday morning arrives far too quickly as ever.

I need to be up bright and early as it’s my boys leavers assembly~the last one before he’s off to high school, it’s safe to say that tissues will need to be packed and mascara is best avoided too as I know full well there will be tears!

On that note I’m taking myself to bed to try and get a few hours of sleep if that’s ever possible. Catch up with you all tomorrow.❤️x

Ten happy things 

Thank you to www.burnishedchaos.com for tagging me in this post, I love writing these.

Ten things that make me happy.

1.Family and friends~they are all amazing and I love them all so much.

2.Coffee I literally cannot function without it~and that is no exaggeration it’s my favourite thing to drink!

3.Feeling loved~that’s definitely a wonderful feeling.

4.Seeing my children happy~that is literally the best feeling ever, I love watching them when they are unaware and see them enjoying the little things in life. Be it playing in the garden or splashing in the sea etc. 

5.Writing my blog~in this crazy life I love writing and sharing the highs and the lows.

6.Impromptu nights when you end up having a houseful~smiles all round and lots of fun.

7.Family time~always great to get together and see everyone.

8.Sunny days~the sun always makes the world seem a brighter place.

9.Not waking up with a hangover after a good night out~def a bonus in my eyes!

10.Music~when you hear your favourite songs and they make you want to sing and dance.


When I hear that phrase ‘three little words’ it automatically makes me think of those words being ‘I love you’ now don’t get me wrong those words are beautiful in their own right.

However I believe there are other powerful words that we all want and maybe need to hear also sometimes.

For example my boy (youngest) is going to be talking on stage next week and he’s very nervous about it,which I for one fully understand.

My words to him ‘you can do it’. I know he can do it and I know he’ll feel good after he’s done it too.

Knowing that people believe in you and support you is a great feeling.

‘You’ve got this or even we’ve got this’ how great is that? a problem shared is a problem halved and that is also a wonderful feeling.

Don’t forget that love is all around us and actions speak louder than words~it’s as nice to feel love as it is to hear it.

So In case your having a wobbly day or you just need to hear three or four little words~take a deep breath and tell yourself ‘I can do this’ because do you know what? You can!

Happy Friday.❤️x

Dinner time

I think we are all aware how busy life can get, there’s always places to be and things to do, usually running around after the kids. Let’s face it that’s a full time job on its own!
I am always looking for ways to maximise my time (which I’ve never got enough of), whilst feeding the kids healthy food which doesn’t take too long is always a battle too.

They’re always hungry and I want to avoid them snacking and then being too full for dinner.

In this modern age that we are living in, it’s great to be able to put some of the new technology to time saving use.

For instance your microwave, how many of you have it sitting in the corner of the kitchen and only use it to warm things through?

Well maybe we need a fresh look at the capabilities of such an ingenious product and let it help make dinner times less stressful.

If you use a combination microwaves it pre~heats quickly and is so versatile giving you the option to~steam,grill,bake and even roast your favourite foods.

It’s conveniently sized and easy to use.What’s not to like? 

If you need anymore convincing then check out this video for inspirational and effortless cooking.


*Disclaimer~this is a review for the Panasonic Premium Combination oven,all opinions are my own.*