Wales 2017

Wow what a busy five days it’s been in wet Wales.

We had no signal there so I’m doing an update now.

I’m currently sat eating a creme brûlée trying to console myself for several reasons~firstly we are back from holiday, I’m not ashamed to admit that after we went our separate ways back to our own houses on the last part of the journey~I cried and cried, if I’m being totally honest and I wasn’t stuffing my face I would probably still be crying!

It’s been such a nice week and although the weather was pretty rubbish the company was wonderful and that’s the main thing.

I’ve come home to not just a pile of sandy washing and suitcases to unpack but a speeding fine as well~oops that’s not a great end to my week.

I’m trying to be positive though because I’ve also come with something else~some fantastic memories and that’s something we can all smile about.

Sunday was a pretty standard pre~holiday sort of day for me, I was,even by my standards highly unorganised and slightly stressed, add into that a impromptu trip to Fareham on a broken down car mission and you can imagine how stressed I was.

Of course like most things in life when you take a deep breath and get sorted things are usually much easier than they seem and I was soon ready to go.

As I looked at all the cases and bags neatly packed I thought how nice it would be if it was possible to just simply pack any worries/anxieties away just like that~a lovely thought anyway!

The journey there was good, the kids are very good on any car journey which definitely helps.

There were a few narrow country lanes which are not my favourite but they led us to our camp site which was right near to a beautiful beach and some stunning scenery which was lovely to see.

The days went quick and despite the rain we managed to have lots of fun, spending time together.

The beach was super windy and blew the sand everywhere as well as anything that we weren’t holding on tight to including a football which was rescued by a kind man and his tractor!

We braved the swimming pool which was busy and chilly but the kids enjoyed it. 

 Also the junior disco proved to be good fun lots of dancing and giggles, from us adults as well as the kids~well it had to be done! 

That sums up my week and a very good week it was too.

I’m taking my tired and emotional but happy self to bed now, the rest of the washing will have to wait!



6 thoughts on “Wales 2017

  1. That sounds like a perfect holiday 🙂 My husband is about to take the kids to the Kent for our first family holiday in five years (I’ll be joining them mid-week after a work trip) and I suspect it’ll be a lot like yours but we can’t flipping wait.

    Also, I want your tiger spade!

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  2. Sounds like a great holiday, I feel bad that we don’t have the time available off work to take the kids away this year, still we are saving for a huge holiday next year! #kcacols

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