So just to add to my holiday blues, It’s been a throw boiling hot water over yourself whilst cooking a roast dinner kind of day really,yes you read that correctly, whilst straining the potatoes earlier I managed to tip the water at a funny angle and cover myself with it~cue a mad dash to the bathroom undressing myself as I went before jumping into a cold shower!!

I can laugh about it now but it really did hurt and my poor tummy is now sporting two very red, sore patches.

Other than that I’ve been busy,busy sorting out holiday stuff whilst thinking about booking another one,I also got some beautiful flowers which cheered me up no end and put a big smile on my face.

After my chaos in the kitchen we had a roast dinner and made Oreo milkshakes yum yum.

All four kids are tucked up in bed now so I’m going to rewatch my favourite film yet again~when a man loves a woman~I’ll try not to cry but I couldn’t possibly guarantee that!

Happy Saturday everyone.❤️x


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