Monday is here again 

Monday morning started with a bad head and no milk not exactly a winning combination but the kids let me have a lay in so it wasn’t all bad.

This afternoon we had a quick wander along the seafront and then the kids went in the arcade to spend a small fortune on winning tickets.

This was followed by another swimming pool~thankfully for me and everyone else I’m fully clothed and watching my girl have her swimming lesson.

It is as hot as ever in here which does make the water seem inviting but none the less I’m happier on the side! I’m feeling my age though as the swimming teacher looks very young~although anyone under the age of 30 does to be fair!

Speaking of age the countdown is well and truly on for our girls trip to Dublin I cannot believe it’s only 10 days away and I can’t wait, although when I get back it’ll only be one day until the big 40 eek.

Still there’s lots of cliches and sayings ‘ life begins at 40’ and ‘naughty forties’ if life carries on as it is now I’ll certainly be very happy.



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