So far so good

So far the summer holidays are going well. Yesterday however In my own true style I managed to get myself stuck in the garage.
I was caught in between balancing a bed frame in one hand and a child’s bike in the other, the kids typically were nowhere to be seen.

Fortunately I somehow managed to wedge the bed back into place and climbed over the stuff I had moved to get the bike out in the first place~it’s safe to say that nothing is ever straight forward when it involves me! 

I did manage to cut the grass and give the garden a tidy before the rain made a dramatic appearance.

The children went out of for the evening so I popped over for a much needed catch up with my fabulous friend who gave me a lovely cup with such true words on it. She came to my rescue also as just before I left her house I got a text to say I was going out for dinner cue a quick raid of her wardrobe!

I had a lovely eve and am feeling blessed to have such lovely people in my life. 

I was also given a beautiful canvas with some lovely pictures of our holiday to Wales~wonderful memories to treasure.

This morning I appear to be super organised having made a casserole already which is currently in the oven, I’ve been to Tescos twice and have organised things to do this afternoon. Just hoping that the weather stays dry and the kids don’t start arguing~sounds to good to be true? We shall see!

Happy Thursday everyone.❤️x


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