One of those days 

My day started well~ I am so pleased to now have 200 likes on my blog Facebook page really made me smile, I’m proud of my little blog and everyone’s support means a lot.

This was followed by having 20 minutes to get ready before going to meet my boyfriend for coffee. Well just to be true to form I spent at least 30 minutes sorting my blog out, so I literally left the house looking like I had been pulled out of bed~ a look I totally rocked of course( in my dreams!).

After going home and catching on last nights soaps I popped out to get some alcohol for tonight~I should really of stocked up with painkillers too for the inevitable headache tomorrow morning!!

Unfortunately on my return from the shops I managed to scrape my car along the porch wall on my driveway. The very same driveway that I park on every single day, not quite sure how I managed to misjudge it but trust me to do it in style.

To say I’m not thrilled would be an understatement, it’s a good job we have a nice evening out planned with good friends and plenty of alcohol to ease the pain.

Still if I don’t laugh I’ll cry so never mind, I’ve got less than four hours to get ready so if I start now I might just make it on time!❤️x


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