Today coffee and lucozade will be my favourite things~they do not encourage me to dance around,singing at the top of my voice, or make me believe that a Facebook live all about ham sandwiches would be a good idea.
They certainly do not give me a headache either!

On a positive note it’s a beautiful day~so I have taken my hangover out into the garden to get some much needed fresh air.

I’ve sat myself down with my feet up in a vague attempt at getting some sun on my half brown/half white legs, if I could even up my tan that would be great.

I am also reflecting on last night.It was another great night,wonderful company food and far too much to drink. Lots and lots of laughter and giggles and a long walk home in the pitch black!

I think it’s fair to say I’m happy with life right now~not just happy very happy. I feel blessed to share my life with everyone who is in it.

I shall continue to clear my head in this lovely sunshine and then start getting myself organised for Dublin~another amazing adventure which starts in only 4 days, I know it’s going to be great and lots more memories will be made.❤️x



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