Flying by 

The countdown is well and truly on,In less than 24hrs I will be in Dublin.

And not to wish the time away but when we arrive back it’ll be less than 24hrs before I turn 40!!

 I have been debating triple checking my birth certificate just in case a mix up or misprint has occurred and I am in fact younger!

Funnily enough it’s also my nieces birthday on the very same day~she will be 18yrs.

She was born on my 22nd birthday and for the last 18yrs it’s been a running joke that we will turn 18 and 40 on the same day~I am not finding that quite so humorous now the day is approaching!

The time has of course sped by and a lot of things have changed in those 18yrs for both of us.

I have watched her grow up into a wonderful, beautiful young lady with a fantastic future ahead of her and I know I speak for all of us when I say everyone is very proud of her.

Of course I know that turning 40 won’t be any different it’s only a number and all that business but it’s just unbelievable how time just passes in the blink of an eye.

Still before I become officially 40 I have a fab few days away with my wonderful friends to look forward to. Dublin here we come!❤️x



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