Dublin 2017

Yesterday the day finally arrived for our trip to Dublin.We started planning it last year and it has been eagerly awaited.

 I was up and uncharacteristically ready~not just on time but early!We made it to the airport in good time and after a few giggles with me getting to grips with looking in the right direction for my picture to be taken for my boarding pass and a quick pat down at security we were good to go.

We had a stroll around duty free and found Starbucks for some coffee before our flight.

Now flying isn’t exactly my favourite thing in the world and it’s fair to say I was feeling a bit green before we boarded but once we had taken off I was fine, they even made a birthday announcement for little old me after we had landed!!

The girls had made me a birthday t.shirt to wear on the flight, which I did but I’m sure you can imagine my surprise when after we had landed in Dublin and had a quick toilet stop they all appeared out of the cubicles wearing matching personalised t-shirts too!!
We then hopped onto a bus which took us to our apartment.Once settled~we decided we ought to go and get some food and perhaps more importantly some alcohol!! Two of us went to do that whilst the other two stayed back.
I was greeted by another surprise on our return as they had been busy decorating the apartment with wonderful photos of some great times we have shared, also birthday bunting and photo props.

I was also given a fab bright pink ‘hangover hoody’ which I’m sure will not only be very apt but also very useful over the next few days.

Once again they surprised me when I came back in by all three of them sitting lined up on the sofa wearing matching hoodies too he he.

After a quick dinner and a few drinks we had fun playing who/what am I, then decided to pop out for a wander.

This wander took us to a local pub were we sang and danced to our hearts content to some amazing live music.

We arrived home in the early hours of the morning, tired but definitely smiling. My feet were filthy from going out in flip~flops, it’s safe to say it’s was a fantastic day and evening.

As I lay in bed writing all this and thinking about everything, I know I am very lucky to have such wonderful friends~they have been here for me through thick and thin, the good, the bad and quite frankly some damn right awful times.

Come rain or shine we always end up smiling and I am touched that they have not only come to Dublin to celebrate with me but also put so much time and effort in to all the lovely things they have done for me.

Ladies this ones for you~here’s to the best friends anyone could ask for.❤️x



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