This is 40

I can now officially say I am 40!Wow I can’t actually believe it but there it is the big day has been and gone, along with a fabulous weekend away in Dublin.

There will be more to follow about our adventures in Dublin but for now I’m trying to catch up with myself.

I’ve not been feeling great since getting back and I’m trying to convince myself that it’s nothing to do with a complete lack of sleep and far too much alcohol!

I was a very lucky girl and had some lovely cards and presents for my birthday, maybe being 40 isn’t quite so bad after all.
Having just about unpacked my own suitcase etc, my daughter gave me approximately a months worth of washing which needs to be clean,dry and ironed for tomorrow because they are going to have a week away with their Dad~talk about never ending.

The holidays are literally whizzing by and going so quick as usual, not that I’m complaining we certainly have been busy.

September will bring a new adventure for my youngest who will be off to high school~again this doesn’t seem possible my babies are growing up so quick, time really does go by in the blink of an eye.

I like to think I try and make the most of everyday, life is too short not to be smiling.❤️x


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