Beautiful Dublin

Dublin you were amazing.What a beautiful and breathtaking city, a truly wonderful place to visit.

It doesn’t seem possible that last year I was sat in Costa in Bournemouth with three very good friends talking about my 40th birthday and what we might do to celebrate.

The idea of coming to Dublin came up and seemed like a great plan I had never been before. Some very careful planning followed.  Obviously arranging dates and somewhere to stay were top of the list.
We decided that we would look for an apartment/flat to stay in as it would give us flexibility and options for our three night stay.Fortunately for us we came across the perfect apartment on air bnb

It was situated in a perfect location, just a short stroll across the Liffey bridge and we were in Temple Bar, home to some lovely pubs, bars and restaurants, just what we wanted to find.

The apartment itself was spacious,very clean, bright and cheerful. Ideal for the four of us with two bedrooms and a sofa bed in the lounge. It was very well equipped and had absolutely everything we could of needed. Our host was friendly and very helpful too.        

On Our first night we cooked dinner and played some games before heading out to explore our lovely surroundings.

It had been a long day of travelling so we decided that we would go for a quick wander and then head back to the apartment.

Little did we know that we would stumble across a fantastic pub, playing amazing live music.

We couldn’t help but go in as we heard some great singing from outside.As we entered the pub there was a great atmosphere~lots of singing,dancing and smiling faces.

After grabbing some drinks we found a good spot and joined in singing our hearts out and dancing away in the crowd. Amongst lots of friendly people we felt totally at home and vowed we would visit again during our stay.

Before we knew it is was 1am and our little stroll had turned into a fantastic night out. Big shout out to  for fabulous music, singing and entertainment.

We walked back happy and still singing~hopefully providing our own entertainment even the kebab shop got a little rendition as we went passed! 

I was awake very early the next morning and went out for a little stroll by myself it was lovely and peaceful, I watched the world go by and took in the scenery in the morning sunshine. I was careful not to go too far as we all know my sense of direction isn’t great hehe.

After a cooked breakfast we set off for some shopping and a visit to the leprechaun museum.

We all enjoyed this and had a good giggle about seamus the leprechaun and his tinder profile!!!

Before our big night out we went for dinner at cactus Jacks

Which had been recommended by our host. Their was plenty to chose from on the menu and the service was very good and speedy too, would definitely recommend a visit here.

Our big night out was full of giggles,dancing and laughter, not to mention more fun dares. The walk back to the apartment was a laugh too, meeting lots of people enroute and stopping for a quick selfie with the local Garda! Finally we had to go into the kebab shop for chips and of course curry sauce yum, yum.

Three hours later I was wide awake and ventured across the road to the conviently situated Starbucks, after a quick coffee. We went for a lovely  walk around Dublin, seeing the castle, cathedral and a quick trip to the Guinness factory. Not to mention finding the most amazing doughnut shop.We then headed back to the apartment and ended up having a little snooze! It was then all systems go to get ready before one last night out. We couldn’t resist another visit to the Auld Dubliner and had another great evening~the girls even tried a pint of Guinness~I had a sip but certainly couldn’t face a whole pint,I take my hat off to them!!

All that’s left to say is that I had a wonderful time with my fantastic friends who made it amazing, I was truly touched by all the hard work, time and effort they put into making it the best weekend ever. Maybe turning 40 isn’t such a bad thing after all.❤️x
*All opinions are my own based on the places we visited and enjoyed seeing*


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