Pasta and Meatballs

Wow what a busy week, I feel like my feet haven’t touched the ground since I’ve turned 40, they definitely did today in fact it’s been lovely, the sun has been shining and I have been roller blading,yes that’s right I still possess my blades,I’ve had them for twenty years and on and off over the last few years they’ve been gathering dust but today my trusty Bauers came out of the garage for some use.
Considering I’m fairly rusty I didn’t do too bad and managed to stay upright for the duration I make that a win win situation.

I was however quite reassured to note that the first aid area was well sign posted and accessible but thankfully not needed(I hasten to add).

After some skating fun, my feet were starting to hurt and the volume of people had increased which in turn increased my chances of landing on my backside, so we decided to put on normal footwear and go for a lovely pub lunch.

During said lunch another culinary question was raised when I decided that instead of a main I would order a starter and a side order together as I wasn’t overly hungry, apparently this is slightly odd but as you may well recall I eat pizza with a knife and fork so who’s right and who’s wrong?! Would love some opinions on that he he.

This afternoon we came home and spent some time in the hot tub and generally chilled out.

This was followed by making dinner That probably doesn’t sound too momentous but actually let me stop you there~having spent a fair amount of time by myself and doing things my own way etc, it’s often little things that make you stop and think actually how nice it is it to do things together.

All too often these little things get overlooked but they can be the best things ever.

For example tonight making pasta and meatballs together, how nice it was not to be stuck in a kitchen on my own doing it, much nicer to have good company and help each other out. 

This was followed by having a candle lit bath run for me~again another lovely gesture.

So remember to appreciate things big or small even if it’s just pasta and meatballs~happy Saturday evening to you all.❤️x


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