One of those days 

My day started well~ I am so pleased to now have 200 likes on my blog Facebook page really made me smile, I’m proud of my little blog and everyone’s support means a lot.

This was followed by having 20 minutes to get ready before going to meet my boyfriend for coffee. Well just to be true to form I spent at least 30 minutes sorting my blog out, so I literally left the house looking like I had been pulled out of bed~ a look I totally rocked of course( in my dreams!).

After going home and catching on last nights soaps I popped out to get some alcohol for tonight~I should really of stocked up with painkillers too for the inevitable headache tomorrow morning!!

Unfortunately on my return from the shops I managed to scrape my car along the porch wall on my driveway. The very same driveway that I park on every single day, not quite sure how I managed to misjudge it but trust me to do it in style.

To say I’m not thrilled would be an understatement, it’s a good job we have a nice evening out planned with good friends and plenty of alcohol to ease the pain.

Still if I don’t laugh I’ll cry so never mind, I’ve got less than four hours to get ready so if I start now I might just make it on time!❤️x


So far so good

So far the summer holidays are going well. Yesterday however In my own true style I managed to get myself stuck in the garage.
I was caught in between balancing a bed frame in one hand and a child’s bike in the other, the kids typically were nowhere to be seen.

Fortunately I somehow managed to wedge the bed back into place and climbed over the stuff I had moved to get the bike out in the first place~it’s safe to say that nothing is ever straight forward when it involves me! 

I did manage to cut the grass and give the garden a tidy before the rain made a dramatic appearance.

The children went out of for the evening so I popped over for a much needed catch up with my fabulous friend who gave me a lovely cup with such true words on it. She came to my rescue also as just before I left her house I got a text to say I was going out for dinner cue a quick raid of her wardrobe!

I had a lovely eve and am feeling blessed to have such lovely people in my life. 

I was also given a beautiful canvas with some lovely pictures of our holiday to Wales~wonderful memories to treasure.

This morning I appear to be super organised having made a casserole already which is currently in the oven, I’ve been to Tescos twice and have organised things to do this afternoon. Just hoping that the weather stays dry and the kids don’t start arguing~sounds to good to be true? We shall see!

Happy Thursday everyone.❤️x

Don’t forget to say I love you 

I decided to share this~my daughter made this for me for Christmas and I think it’s just beautiful.

We never see ourselves how others see us, and how often do we ever tell others nice things about them?

It’s fair to say reading these lovely words made me cry and reading them again today brought a tear to my eye. Living with a teenager isn’t always easy to say the least but there is always something to smile about and little things really do mean a lot.

Life is far too short to be anything but happy so don’t forget to say ‘I love you’to those you hold dear and care about.❤️x

Monday is here again 

Monday morning started with a bad head and no milk not exactly a winning combination but the kids let me have a lay in so it wasn’t all bad.

This afternoon we had a quick wander along the seafront and then the kids went in the arcade to spend a small fortune on winning tickets.

This was followed by another swimming pool~thankfully for me and everyone else I’m fully clothed and watching my girl have her swimming lesson.

It is as hot as ever in here which does make the water seem inviting but none the less I’m happier on the side! I’m feeling my age though as the swimming teacher looks very young~although anyone under the age of 30 does to be fair!

Speaking of age the countdown is well and truly on for our girls trip to Dublin I cannot believe it’s only 10 days away and I can’t wait, although when I get back it’ll only be one day until the big 40 eek.

Still there’s lots of cliches and sayings ‘ life begins at 40’ and ‘naughty forties’ if life carries on as it is now I’ll certainly be very happy.


Inflatable fun

This afternoon we went to an outdoor swimming pool,it’s fair to say that swimming isn’t my favourite activity but once I’m there I always enjoy it.

I’m not quite sure what’s worse really.         

                                                      1.Having to walk around half naked.

2.Not being able to wear make up as you don’t want it smudged all over your face.

3. Wearing your hair up but it still gets soaked and then when left to dry naturally you look as if you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards! 

Despite all that the sun shone for a while and the kids enjoyed it so I can’t really complain.

We headed for the local chip shop afterwards as we needed to warm up~simply had to be chips and curry sauce yum yum.

This was followed by a film at home which I just about managed to stay awake for,the kids then decided they clearly love being cold and wet so went outside to play with yet more water! Then after a wonderful talent show that thankfully I wasn’t required to join in for, we have had a relaxing evening, recharging our batteries to go and do it all again tomorrow~well not the swimming thank goodness he he.

You’ve got to love the summer holidays.❤️x


So just to add to my holiday blues, It’s been a throw boiling hot water over yourself whilst cooking a roast dinner kind of day really,yes you read that correctly, whilst straining the potatoes earlier I managed to tip the water at a funny angle and cover myself with it~cue a mad dash to the bathroom undressing myself as I went before jumping into a cold shower!!

I can laugh about it now but it really did hurt and my poor tummy is now sporting two very red, sore patches.

Other than that I’ve been busy,busy sorting out holiday stuff whilst thinking about booking another one,I also got some beautiful flowers which cheered me up no end and put a big smile on my face.

After my chaos in the kitchen we had a roast dinner and made Oreo milkshakes yum yum.

All four kids are tucked up in bed now so I’m going to rewatch my favourite film yet again~when a man loves a woman~I’ll try not to cry but I couldn’t possibly guarantee that!

Happy Saturday everyone.❤️x

Wales 2017

Wow what a busy five days it’s been in wet Wales.

We had no signal there so I’m doing an update now.

I’m currently sat eating a creme brûlée trying to console myself for several reasons~firstly we are back from holiday, I’m not ashamed to admit that after we went our separate ways back to our own houses on the last part of the journey~I cried and cried, if I’m being totally honest and I wasn’t stuffing my face I would probably still be crying!

It’s been such a nice week and although the weather was pretty rubbish the company was wonderful and that’s the main thing.

I’ve come home to not just a pile of sandy washing and suitcases to unpack but a speeding fine as well~oops that’s not a great end to my week.

I’m trying to be positive though because I’ve also come with something else~some fantastic memories and that’s something we can all smile about.

Sunday was a pretty standard pre~holiday sort of day for me, I was,even by my standards highly unorganised and slightly stressed, add into that a impromptu trip to Fareham on a broken down car mission and you can imagine how stressed I was.

Of course like most things in life when you take a deep breath and get sorted things are usually much easier than they seem and I was soon ready to go.

As I looked at all the cases and bags neatly packed I thought how nice it would be if it was possible to just simply pack any worries/anxieties away just like that~a lovely thought anyway!

The journey there was good, the kids are very good on any car journey which definitely helps.

There were a few narrow country lanes which are not my favourite but they led us to our camp site which was right near to a beautiful beach and some stunning scenery which was lovely to see.

The days went quick and despite the rain we managed to have lots of fun, spending time together.

The beach was super windy and blew the sand everywhere as well as anything that we weren’t holding on tight to including a football which was rescued by a kind man and his tractor!

We braved the swimming pool which was busy and chilly but the kids enjoyed it. 

 Also the junior disco proved to be good fun lots of dancing and giggles, from us adults as well as the kids~well it had to be done! 

That sums up my week and a very good week it was too.

I’m taking my tired and emotional but happy self to bed now, the rest of the washing will have to wait!



It’s day one of our family holiday to Wales.

To say it’s wet is an under statement~it’s absolutely pouring but we won’t let that spoil our fun.

Everyone was awake early let’s hope that doesn’t turn out to be too early!

We are going to the swimming pool soon although to be fair we could just chuck the kids outside for a paddle!! 

One thing is for sure we won’t let the rain stop play~it’s a beautiful part of the world and fortunately the caravan is quite big with plenty of room for the six of us.

It’s just lovely to be here all together~good times.❤️x