My boy 

Today my youngest starts high school even as I say it and look at it in black and white I can’t believe it.

Where on earth does the time go?!

When they are tiny the days and nights seem endless with lack of sleep and teething and so on.

Life soon gets into a routine and before you know it they are walking and talking and the milestones keep on coming.

With each milestone reached you find yourself saying’ how did that happen so quickly, they are growing up so fast’.

It’s so true~11 years ago my boy was a tiny little baby and yet in the blink of an eye he’s got his smart uniform ready for a big adventure and chapter in his school life.

With each process of this journey from starting pre~school to first and then middle schools, I have felt nervous and excited and today is no exception. I even found myself saying to my own Mum ‘he will be fine, won’t he?!’

I know he will be fine and he will have a great day, and that he will come home with lots of things to tell me, I won’t lie until I’ve seen him and heard all about it, I’ll be thinking about him hoping his day is going well.

My parents always tell me you never stop worrying about your kids and I know that’s true by the way they still do anything for us kids and we are all in our forties!!

So as I prepare to drop him off later I’ll have a big smile on my face as I wave him off, and a big packet of tissues to wipe away the inevitable tears once I am out of sight! ❤️x


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