Time marches on 

It’s been a funny old week with very mixed emotions on lots of levels.

I am so happy that my two are happy and settled back into school life after the summer break, but also a little sad to watch them grow so much independence and start to do more without me.

Obviously this is what I want for them to be happy and to thrive in everything they do in life, I guess there’s always going to be that little part of me that watches my babies leave the house by themselves for the first walk to school etc and can’t believe this is all happening it seems so sudden. It’s not sudden though, time has that crafty little way of creeping up on you when your not looking and then says hey guess what? It’s time for more little changes in life. It’s only when you look back that you realise that actually these are big changes.

Changes we need to embrace and encourage. Time stands still for no one, and it moves along with or without our blessing.

On a positive note~today is Friday which meant chocolate Friday was totally back on and it’s also a good excuse to open the bubbly I’ve been given this week too.

There have been giggles as well as tears particularly when my son forgot to text me to notify me of his arrival to school but did feel the need to phone me and let me know he was two mins away from home at the end of the day!

So as ever I’m dealing with the week with a smile on my face and am looking forward to the weekend.❤️x


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