Fun at Findon Sheep Fair 

So yesterday was the annual sheep fair at Findon , during the day they have lots of lovely things going on including sheep shearing and a fun fair to name but a few.

We went along last night to enjoy the live music from Murdochs crazy eyes.

Having seen them several times before I knew we would have a good night and I certainly wasn’t wrong.

Deciding on an outfit is never easy on a night out, especially footwear I knew it would be hot dancing around so I opted for sandals, others wore wellies or boots but I’m glad to say I wasn’t the only one and their was some flip flop wearers too!

Despite the rain earlier in the day it wasn’t too muddy on our walk there, and once we had arrived and entered the marquee it was all dry.

The bar inside was very well catered for and I was particularly impressed by the ‘squishy wine bottles’ I’ve never seen them before! It was also great that any designated drivers were given free bottles of water during the night.

Once the music started the whole marquee was singing and dancing along, I don’t think we stood still all night. It was a great atmosphere, the music brought everyone together and there was lots of room to dance until your heart was content~which we certainly did!!

The evening seemed to go by in a flash it always does when your having fun. Luckily I had managed to park just a short stroll away, as we headed back to the car the mood was happy and jolly, lots of people were also making their way home chatting, singing and laughing too.

I’ve woken up tired but happy and with breakfast in bed~what a lucky girl. On that note I shall get myself moving and see what this bright sunny day brings.

Happy Sunday everyone .❤️x
*all thoughts and opinions are my own*


2 thoughts on “Fun at Findon Sheep Fair 

  1. Thank you so much for your kind words, as Chairman of the sheep fair committee and an organiser of the event its makes it all worth while reading your comments. See you next year!

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