As well as thanking you all for your continued support of my crazy little blog. I would also like to thank my kids,boyfriend, friends and family.

For always bearing with me.I may screen shot your text messages, insist that you don’t start eating/moving until I’ve taken a photo, quote the funny,lovely,even stressful things you do or say.

Basically your all in this with me, and personally I love it~that’s what makes my blog what it has become today.

I love the fact that it’s all here in black and white. Capturing some of the wonderful memories that make up life.

To my wonderful children~I hope one day when your old enough you will read through my blog( well maybe not all of it!) and see that actually those times we disagreed and argued all I ever wanted and do want for ever is the best for you in everything you do.

I hope you’ll look back and understand that everything I ever do is done purely out of love for you.

So once again thank you everyone for being part of my life and making it the crazy,happy adventure that it is. ❤️x


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