I am by no means a morning person but I have been getting up earlier and am starting to notice the benefits.

First and foremost it allows for more coffee drinking time(which is always a bonus).

This morning the sky was a beautiful colour and the sun was beginning to shine, I managed to get some washing done and write a post for an online magazine which I’m very excited about(more about that to follow) all by 8am!
I then spent the rest of the morning organising paperwork and other bits and bobs. 

As with most things in life achieving a balance can be tricky so on one hand my paperwork is fairly up to date but I now have an ironing pile which could rival a small mountain! 

Ironing is definitely not one of my favourite tasks and generally I avoid it all costs unless it’s absolutely essential,I feel that I can no longer ignore the ever growing pile so unless an ironing fairy magically appears I guess I’ll have to tackle it.

This week seems to be flying by, I had a nice surprise after work on Tuesday when my lovely boyfriend was waiting for me outside,not only was it fab to see him he brought me coffee,then last night he cooked me dinner and we had a lovely evening with wine, chocolates and one of my favourite films, I am definitely a lucky girl.

Friday is fast approaching and I have a catch up with my wonderful friends to look forward to tomorrow night. All in all not a bad week.

I hope your having a good week too.❤️x


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