IMG_4786It’s been a bowling and ice~cream sundae kind of Saturday with a walk along the beach thrown in too.

The rain held off which was nice and whilst it was chilly it was still nice to get out and enjoy some much needed fresh air.

Bowling was good fun, I have to admit to a pretty rubbish score even though the bumpers were up but still it’s the taking part that counts and today I’m sticking with that!

After dinner the kids made their own ice~cream creations which could quite possibly cover their sugar intake for a week~me being me I couldn’t just sit back and watch so I had to join in, promising myself afterwards that not only will I charge my Fitbit tonight I will wear it and get exercising,hmm promises, promises. I might have to finish off the hidden cherry bakewells before any dieting can commence(yet again!)

Quite frankly I’m worn out after a late night of giggles and gossip with my lovely friends last night and today’s fun with more of my favourite people. I’ve had a bath and could quite easily go to sleep right now, so if the kids would be so kind as  to stop chatting and get some shut eye I might just do the same!

Happy Saturday everyone.❤️x


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